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Limited Edition Calendars and Prints by Karin LaPadula

Calendars:  The 2019 Escapist Imagery Calendar is ready!  The below image, Crack Between the Worlds, is featured on the calendar.  The calendar is 13"x19" and is $25. 

Contact me for my address.  Send me cash and I'll send you the calendar. 



Other prints:  Email me indicating which image your would like as a print .    Purchase prints from 3D Environments: Architectural & Organic, Paintings & Drawings, and Concept Art.  (Images created for game companies are not available for purchase.)

Signed, limited edition prints can be ordered in the sizes listed below.

Size         Price
8.5x11        $80
13x19         $100

Email:   karin at escapistimagery dot com



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