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CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS for Tigerlily and the other planet  *   Karin LaPadula

a picture book, parts of which can be experienced in 3D Virtual Reality


Tigerlily looking at herself in the mirror in order to convince herself that she really is a normal cat.  Erin, Tigerlily, and Rose painting scenes from the Other Planet together   
Erin is looking for Tigerlily, so she can pour a cup of orange juice on her tail. Tigerlily gets shipwreck on the Other Planet, and she's really enjoying it.
 Tigerlily spots a pterodactyl on the Other Planet.  This scene will have an option for access in 3D virtual reality. Rose the rabbit outside the secret passageway.
The winged building scene from the Other Planet.   There will be an option for access in 3D virtual reality.  The plants turn ghostly in virtual reality. Observatory with dragon heads from the Other Planet.  This scene will have an option for access in 3D virtual reality.


Tigerlily and the Other Planet is an adventure story which takes place in our world, and inside the runaway imagination of Tigerlily the cat.  As a way of escaping a destructive toddler, Tigerlily’s imagination transports her to the Other Planet, where she experiences shipwrecks, starry waterfalls, shattered skies, alternate universes, winged buildings, and ghost gardens.  The joy of her other-planetary adventures is muted by her ever present fear of not being a normal cat. 

All of these images were created using 2D and 3D digital art tools.  The 3D Images will have the option to be experienced in 3D VR.  The book is still a work in progress.  All images copyright Karin LaPadula 2019.

In addition to being a children's book illustrator, I've worked in the video games and VR industries as a 3D environment artist for many years.

Email:  karin at escapistimagery dot com

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