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skies for elder scrolls, Forza2, and personal work *   Karin LaPadula

Art Station High Res Portfolio:  https://www.artstation.com/karmicsiren

Elder Scrolls:  Tamriel Unlimited:   Sky for Aurora Borealis.    Painted and animated sky; worked with programmers to figure out how to simulate realistic aurora within the confines of our system.  Other team members built the buildings and trees.  Tools:  Proprietary sky/weather system, Max, Photoshop. Elder Scrolls:  Tamriel Unlimited:  Sky for magical Daedric Realm.  Painted the sky and animated the galaxy.  Other team members built the structures.  Tools:  Proprietary sky/weather system, Max, Photoshop. 
Personal work:  A shattered sky reveals an alternate universe.    Forza2 Motorsport, Microsoft:   Painted this sky dome, and many of the other skies in Forza2.  Built about half the trees in the scene as well - the trees with the dark brown trunks.   Tools:  3D Max, Deep Paint 3D, Photoshop.   


I've painted skies for most projects on which I've worked.  On Elders Scrolls, I was part of the sky system development team.

I created all elements of the scenes above, except where a scene was a group effort and contributions are specifically noted.

All screenshots identified as Elder Scrolls Online are copyright ZeniMax Media Inc. 

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