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Seastacks at Shi Shi Beach in the Olympic National Park, WA.  Watercolor. Waves and cliffs, Rodeo Beach, north of San Francisco, CA.  Waves are challenging to draw because they will not stay still, so I draw a composite of the waves.  Pen and ink.
Beach at Hunting Island State Park, GA .  Pen and ink, Photoshop. Grand Canyon during my "suicidal" rafting traip.  Pen and ink.
The lush waterfront of Beaufort, SC.  Pen and ink. The classic view of Yosemite Valley, CA.  Pena and ink.
Basilica Santa Maria Della Salute from across the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy.  Pen and ink and watercolor. Street scene in small town in Italy.  Pen and Ink and watercolor.
Pantheon in Rome, built around 126 AD.  It's still the worlds largest unreinforced concrete dome.  Pen and Ink. Ovieto Cathedral, Ovieto, Italy.  Some rather intense frescos in the interior shows people being sucked down to Hell.  I'm sure this left an impression on illiterate medieval peasants.  Pen and ink.
The strikingly beautiful Flat Iron Building in NYC (circa 1907).  Pen and ink. Driving through Lander, WY, in Tom's 1950s Olds 88.  Pencil, Photoshop. 
Tree which has seen a lot of hurricanes, on the path to the beach at Cove Point, on the Chesapeake Bay, MD.  Pen and ink. Cove Point Beach on the Chesapeake Bay, MD.  One of my favorite places on the planet.  I drew this while sitting with my parents on the beach.  It's their favorite place, too.  During World War 2, the military practiced for D Day at Cove Point, since the sandy beach and cliffs were similar to those of the French beaches where the invasion took place.  Pen and ink, Photoshop.
Street scene in small town in Italy.  Pen and Ink and watercolor. Cove Point Beach on the Chesapeake Bay, MD.  Done for my 2016 calendar.  Arcrylic.


Sketchbook journal of travels

I did these drawings on location during my world travels.  I've had the travel bug ever since seeing a slideshow of my Grandparent's European tour when I was 5 years old.

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